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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs!

Ha…this is too funny. So somebody starts a blog pretending to be Steve Jobs, offering up what he thinks Steve Jobs would have to say about the world. It’s not like he’s trying to ‘trick’ anyone with by having the URL Anyway, I follow all this Web 2.0 stuff pretty closely. Ever since tech companies started getting bought again…I remember sitting at a dinner with some mentor friends of mine (thanks for the sailing trip!) and telling them ‘the internet is back.’ I suppose I was right…but I certainly hope its not the ‘bubble’ version this time. Getting off subject…check this blog out. Funny and very insightful…I’m not sure who runs it but they are close to what is really happening. The little ‘slam’ on that now infamous party at SFMOMA is hilarious. This and are my new regular visits. No more niche culture for a minute…time to expand kids! Does anyone else find it weird that Microsoft applications see ‘blog’ as a misspelled word? ***This one is killing me…ha.