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The real Ebay!!

These prices are definitely over my head, but its okay to look isn’t it? Wright auction house is right down the street from the office and I accidentally found them on Ebay and put two and two together. Kinda full circle. They basically specialize in the modern pieces of art, furniture, and luxury items. Lots of period lifestyle pieces from the 20th century. The viewings are like strolling through an art gallery/garage sale. Great physical space, which is reflected in their online presence. Ever wonder what will the future hold for auctions when we are old enough to be aggressive with the paddle? That should be the measure for designers. Better start loading up on Chucks stuff while we can afford it. Interesting how everyone seems to be on the dissing BAPE bandwagon, but I guarantee it’s the one brand from our era that will end up in an establishment like this. Nigo knows.