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The RAIA Gallery of Architecture

The RAIA - the Royal Australian Institute of Architects - has a really incredible site. Basically page after page of photos and information about different architecture in Australia. Residential, commercial, public buildings, urban design, even bridges and fountain design. The site says there are approximately 2,000 different featured places in the online gallery. Some of these spaces are absolutely beautiful. I actually have yet to click on something I didn’t like all that much. Make sure to specifically check out the Buckley House and RiverEdge under the ‘Coastal houses’ section…the Riverina Farm House under ‘Country houses’...the Commonwealth Place under ‘Cultural, museum, etc…’...and Punters Vineyard Retreat in the ‘Hotels, resorts’ spot. Those are just a few of my favorites…you will waste hours here if you get too into it. I’m not kidding. Beautiful, whether you’re into architecture design or not.