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The New VW Jetta?

Hey, cool tricked out Civic dude! Oh my bad, it’s the new Jetta. This really frustrates me. I have never owned a Jetta, but I always admired their style. I distinctly remember when they switched to the more rounded body style from the more boxy… I remember thinking to myself, ‘wow, what a perfect progression without going over the top.’ This new model?! I’m sorry, but the new Jetta is terrible. The taillights look like they shoot lasers and don’t even come close to fitting the design, the whole ‘slant’ of the car is very Japanese and not at all German, the car’s ‘super-fast’ look reminds me of that car commercial Dave Chappelle made fun of, and even the marketing has slipped a bit. I used to love their commercials. The whole VW brand has gotten quite confusing. THE BRILLIANCE! loves the VW brand, but we are a bit let down with this revision.