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The New Motivational Speakers!!

Today is a beautiful day. Another beautiful day to be young and creative. This post is purely about sharing two inspiring pieces of web television. Both came to me in the last 30 minutes or so. One of these kids you are already familiar with. The almighty king of No Pattern and co-brainchild of this here BRILLIANCE, Chuck Anderson. This couch conversation with Geoff McFetridge is cool because it’s not an interview, it’s just conversation, which is way more effective at getting to know these artists. I appreciated the talk about being busy. How many of us always say we are so busy and have “no time”. I sure do. The other piece I just caught was fresh off of the newly revamped Heron Preston site. Everyone take note, this is how you update a site with purpose. “If you don’t have a blog, use this as your blog”-HP. His uploaded content is a springboard for us all to jump on. Now that’s really progressive. I can’t wait to see how this evolves. We are all just kids moving onto something bigger than ourselves, and here’s two pieces of proof.