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The new Brooklyn by Ratner & Gehry!

This is wild… All the kids know, or should know from the whole Jay-Z thing, about the heavy re-development slated to be taking place in Brooklyn to accommodate the new Brooklyn Nets arena. What I wasn’t up on was the amount of new buildings that are proposed for the area…all 17 of them. Almost all are taller than 40 stories and half a dozen are 60+ stories. I don’t visit Brooklyn on a regular, but I know that from what I have seen this will be a major, major change for Brooklyn. Seems like it will lose that neighborhood type feel that it has. Either way, check the link below, very interesting read… Frank Gehry has some really fresh stuff…I think it’s going to be an incredible project. Stretching over 21 acres, costing roughly $3.5 billion, and get this…it should be completed in 2011?! That’s crazy fast for that amount of development to take place. As for the whole real estate game, Brooklyn could be the next Miami. Cough up a lung where I’m from…