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The ‘Mojave Experiment’...

I guess I’ll open this up with my first reaction after seeing this: “Damage control is not marketing…or branding.” Backing up a bit, you should probably watch the video at the link below before reading this post, it’ll make more sense. So…Microsoft is finally (finally) responding to all the bad press they’ve gotten for Vista. And this, the ‘Mojave Experiment’, is their first formal response. And it…doesn’t really work for me. As I said, I honestly feel like its damage control and NOT actual marketing or branding (creating a ‘gut feeling’ in the consumer as they say). Tricking your customer and, in some instances, kind of making them feel dumb isn’t the way to win them over. It’s like the entire project is based on telling the customer: ‘hey guy, you’re wrong’. (?!?) Again, making up for, or doing damage control on all the negative word-of-mouth that has been spread regarding their product. Its just weird. This is just their first round, so they’re may be some other compelling stuff…but I would highly suggest they actually either show Vista in action, you know, the product the people are actually going to buy…or reference what exactly they, the consumer, can use Vista for and how well it will it work performing whatever the task may be. I guess that would have been too similar to the Mac vs. PC ads that they’re responding to in the first place. Ehh, yeah, I’m a little surprised at this. I think its funny they paid for Google Ads as well, when you search Mojave it shows up as an advertiser…ha, guys, thats not exactly viral if you’re paying for it.