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The Maybach Exlero!

Anyone remember that post I made a while back about wearing ‘gators’ and driving ‘Great Gatsby’ looking cars? Whoa, this is the 2006 version of that. This car right here is insane. Usually I can decide quite quickly if I like a car or not… This one just… It’s just so different looking, and so long! Can you even imagine this in traffic?! Almost a bit ridiculous. But I can’t knock the brand for coming out with something so outrageous and over the top. I think we need that every once in a while. Either way, it’s not slated for production, but it is quite an interesting model to look at. Quick run-down; it has 700 horse power, can reach 354 kmph, and if it came in cream or white Scrooge McDuck would drive it. Check out what the kids on NikeTalk (no, I don’t post!) have to say below…