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Hinckley "Dasher" – an electric yacht.

Really doesn't matter if I never purchase one of these or even sit in one...I'm just super happy it exists. An electric boat...and, and! well designed! Tasteful even! Even with it being entirely doesn't need to have a massive neon blue trim piece down the side, or a horrible bright green accents, or look like the like a meek rodent. Incredible, ha. It just looks like...a really well designed boat. No unneeded attention-attracting features, etc. Funny thing, I'm really not that into boats...I have friends that are really into them but I've always thought they seem like so much work – they're so "fiddly" – and I actually get fairly motion sick on them. But, despite all that, I have been thinking about purchasing one over the past few years...especially so now living in Chicago. I can walk to the marina in like 5 minutes. It's quite nice. Anyway...almost anything that was previously internal combustion that is now electric is grabbing my attention. Partially for the obvious reasons about moving off of non-renewable resources and all the benefits that come from it...but honestly, sometimes more so because I think its just more elegant. It's super quiet, there are less moving pieces, its smoother, etc, etc. Boating to me is about relaxing...thats why they call them "pleasure crafts" right? Ha. With this Hinckley Dasher – what a name, ha – it's the perfect "charcuterie boat" as I call them. Beautiful, classic, perfect for a 2 hour cruise around the shore while you snack on thinly sliced Creminelli, chilled salted radishes, a simple white wine, etc, etc, etc...or whatever Jean Toutiou does when he is out and about in the Med. Anyway...I love this thing. Yeah the range sucks, but as we've seen with any other tech over the past 20 years...its get better quite quickly. Dramamine on deck – pun intended too.