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The ‘Cool’ List! NICE!

This is a new post I’m going to start doing on a more consistent basis. A list of things that I’ve deemed cool, fresh, funny, whatever. Ask Ben how many emails I send him every day that pretty much only have a link in them. There are a lot. So anyways…here goes.
-Tablet Hotels - we’ve posted about this site before but it’s worth checking out again and again…really comprehensive site for finding hot hotels around the world for when you’re vacation planning…
-VANS ‘Era Surf’ shoes. VANS is always a progressive thinking brand, but these shoes are on a new level. Perfect with your favorite clamdiggers while you’re ‘metal detecting’ on the beach!
-Drew Flaherty - my man Drew is doing some really nice work…one of my new favorites on the scene. Truly taking a popular look/style and making it his own - something that is absolutely critical these days in design…
-Jim Phillips - one of my all time favorite artists, most notably for his Rob Roskopp boards…So awesome…Classic, mean, fun, in-your-face…A legend.
-This ‘The Drones - Just Want To Be Myself’ album cover.
-Bill Gates with Jay-Z. There’s an energy to this photo, is there not?!
-Imaginary Foundation’s shirts. Always so nice.
-Andy Howell’s new book ‘Art, Skateboarding, and Life’. Get it.
-Bohemian Modern : Living in Silver Lake book with illustrations by a good guy and a great artist Geoff McFetridge. Saw this book in a store the other day and had to buy it. Beautifully laid out, good read, and admirable community they’ve built in Silver Lake…
-JAMES QUIGLEY - get to know the name now…another amazing artist. Yes, there are still some out there…
-Oxy Cottontail’s performance tomorrow night in NY sponsored by Filter magazine.
-The new Cobra Snake shirt.

That’s it! That’s all I got for you! Until next time, broham!