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THE BRILLIANCE in Grand Rapids!

So I made that whole post about Chuck speaking @ the UICA here in downtown Grand Rapids. OMG it wuz sooooo much fun! Here is the re-cap: Chuck got in real late to my loft downtown and he parked in the guest lot, as he was getting out of his car I threw those little dish washer packets at him from my balcony. I wonder what my neighbors think of me? We went to Bar Divani and used their free internet till like 1am then went to McDonlands. I had to get up all early the next day at like 6am for a 2 hour conference call. I made Chuck sleep on the floor even though I have a real comfy sofa. Chuck had this ‘meet-and-greet’ at a college called Grand Valley. We went their…ate bagels and bananas and I acted pretty obnoxious the whole time. I finished a banana I was eating and threw the peel in front of Jesse Hora while he was taking us on a tour…and he actually stepped on it and slipped a little. Highlight of my week. Chuck spoke to all the art student kids while I checked email on my Treo. Then we went back to my loft…I got my Kava from Kona Kava Farms in the mail and tried to prepare it in the traditional way. Tasted terrible. Went to Ritz Koney for lunch…used their wireless to watch that crazy Nintendo64 kid video…and ate fried chicken and hot dogs. Went to the mall cause Chuck needed some pants (ha). Then we hit up the UICA for Chuck’s ‘main event’…okay turn out. He had to use a like a podium thing with a mic and it was super dark. Couple good looking girls there. They gave him a massive computer mouse that says ‘outer glow champ’ on it. Hilarious. Skipped the little after party thing and hit up Bar Divani to say hello to the crew…then more fried food at Ritz Koney. That was pretty much it. Action packed, OMG!!! But yeah…thanks to everyone who came out and everyone we bumped into. Shout out to the whole downtown Grand Rapids.

*From Chuck - Thanks to everyone who came out to see me speak. I went way too long but it was good…I love Grand Rapids, what a cool city. Ben covered just about everything about the day…hmm…what else happened. Well I brought my wireless router so I could use the internet at his place while he used it too but we couldn’t get it to work. Good story, true story. Oh also, on my way home at 1:30AM Friday morning, I had to stop to pay a toll on 94 in Indiana. I only had pennies. The elderly lady asked if I was sure it was 60 cents and I said yes. She said ‘well it better be, because if its not its on you. God sees you.’ ...