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THE BRILLIANCE gets hax0r3d!

Ring….Ring….“Ben! The site got hacked dude! It’s just this black page with some German writing on it or something weird.” That was me on the phone to Ben this afternoon after I discovered our site had been hacked, 1995
internet style. “It’s fine dude. It’s probably just your computer, it’s probably some adware thing…” “No Ben, it’s seriously got this h-,” “CHUCK. It’s working for me just fine.” Ha…So it went, and finally Ben refreshed his browser and cleared the cache and lo and behold, he saw it. Anyways, a big shout-out to the corny doofus-clan that hacked into THE BRILLIANCE today. It was pretty funny actually. One of the highlights of the life of THE BRILLIANCE to date. Just my opinion. Anyways, with Ben’s nerd skills, the site was back online within about 20 minutes and we are back on top of the internet doing our thing. Anyways, I’m back from Mississippi. It went really well, helping with hurricane stuff and all. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some more about it from me real soon. But this post is more about H@CK3R$ than anything else. Oh you mischevious hacker and your tomfoolery.