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We’re really internet and we’re really back. A website about things Benjamin , Chuck , Virgil , and various friends & guests think are interesting. Little-to-no specific focus, a bit odd, speling errors, and incredibly culturally relevant.


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THE BRILLIANCE 2.0…kind of, ha. It was a ‘Nerd-out Sunday’ today…I decided to add some much needed user-friendliness to the site. (1) Search the site! We should have had this forever ago. (2) Permalink a post! Another thing we should have had a while back. Makes our stuff easier to share and all that. (3) Got rid of the out-of-control ‘Archive’ thing we had and now it’s just a real simple ‘goto page’ setup. So yeah, I hope our readers and all the trend-spotting firms that check us dig it. I know I personally wasted about an hour searching random phrases to see what came up. Ha. Yeah, we’re also going to do an RSS feed at some point. L@t3r d3wdz.