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The Brazilian Bank Heist!

These guys didn’t rob a bank… They ‘pulled off a heist’… Now, THE BRILLIANCE doesn’t really condone or support crime, but this one is definitely note-worthy. These guys tunneled 2 blocks under a central bank, perforated the thick protective vault walls without setting off any sensors or having any of the internal cameras catch them (!!), and made off with roughly $65 million in cash. You know when the police say something like ‘It looked like something out of a movie’ that you did something wild. All I can do I wonder where they are right now. They say about 6-10 people were involved in the heist so you know they had everything planned out…very Ocean’s Eleven. I believe this is the biggest bank heist in Brazil’s history. But without a doubt, the craziest thing about all this… They broke into the vault at around 6 pm on a Friday and no one discovered it until the following Monday! Somebody is sipping champagne somewhere! THE BRILLIANCE doesn’t suggest you rob banks or perform any heists…unless they make a fresh movie about it after the fact.