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The Beatles! I’m 30 years late!

Long time since I/we posted right? My bad…you know how it is when you get distracted and busy. So usually my music posts are more on the hip hop side. Anything from Jay to the more ignorant stuff I listen to. But lately…like the month or two, it’s been really mellow music. First it was Bob Marley (which I grew up listening to on and off) and then for whatever reason I was like ‘I wonder if I’d be into The Beatles?’ Yikes! I was certainly missing some incredible music. Like Chuck says, this post is like 30 years late…ha. Either way, I have been so enthralled with their stuff over the past month. First of all it’s just their sheer imagination, creativity and talent. But I’m always inspired by the more ‘out-there’ type stuff…and they have some extremely ‘trippy’ stuff going on. The first time I listened to ‘A Day In The Life’ I almost had to take my headphones off during the first ‘crescendo’ part or whatever you call it…man! So intense, I’ve never heard anything like that in my life. And it’s so well placed with the rest of the relaxed vibe. Some tracks I’m into right now: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, A Day In The Life, Maxwells Silver Hammer, Across The Universe, Don’t Let Me Down, Something, I Want You, Hey Jude, Here Comes The Sun…and a too many more. The variety in their sound is amazing. Yeah, I probably look entirely un-savvy with the whole music thing…but whatever, I bet there are a ton of readers who never actually sat down and really listened to these guys. Does anyone make music like this anymore? ***Quick shout to Qiydaar, the tracks are wild!