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The Ace Hotel, Seattle… Catch up!

The W is hot, probably always will be. Ian Schrager did his thing and apparently is moving into real estate development and leaving hotels behind (read page six punk!). Enter Ace Hotel with one location in Seattle… Wow. Wild low prices for what you get, like $149 a night for a deluxe room. No more paying $400 a night to stay at a well designed hotel. They have refreshing architecture, the classic super white-painted brick, spacious and perfectly minimal bathrooms, surreal full-wall graphics of rivers, mountains, lakes, and get this hipsters… Kaws, Obey, and various other new-pop icon artwork on the walls of the rooms! How does that stuff not get stolen? I mean, I’m getting money, but I would give it a thought. Either way, the Ace Hotel is a refreshing take on what ‘designer hotels’ are. So to all those uppity designer types who brag about what their hotel’s concierge can do, study up on the team over at the Ace, they are doing it better.