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That new Volvo C70!

This is a very good look for Volvo. It seems like no one ever knew what the Volvo C70 was all about. They had no idea Volvo made a convertible that was crazy fast, and in my opinion, very well designed minus the interior. Had a very muscular stance, great wheels, it even sounded nice…and the automatic did 0-60 in like 4.5-5 seconds I believe. When I took it out for a test drive I was quite impressed, but never actually bought one. This new 2006 C70 is just nuts. It’s the coupe x convertible setup…so damn nice. I would say the design lines are ‘heavier’ in this new model which is a good look, I really like the Volvo design as of late, just good stuff. The interior is okay, it does have the cool new ‘floating’ part of the dash that was introduced in the new S40s. Crazy sound system comes stock in it as well, 910 watts!? I guess my only concern with this car, as with other drop-tops, is it too much of a girl car? Who cares…it’s fresh.