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That new Range Rover Sport commercial!

I’m a big Land Rover fan. Kind of…always something wrong with them at any given time. Honestly though, there is nothing even close to a Land Rover But anyway, the new commercial shot in the ‘underworld’ of Tokyo’s typhoon protection system is pretty unreal…I have always been blown away at the construction and sheer size of these ‘G-cans’ as they are called…seriously just amazing in how they look. Like they said, 100% built for function but as with many things in the Japanese culture form and function seem to blend into one amazing final product. The vehicle itself is actually pretty amazing as well. I was actually sitting in one the other day…and the interior is way better than the big Range Rover. But just the overall design is so sharp…so aggressive but still elegant. Check the commercial at the link below…I love it when companies make their commercials viewable on their sites. By the way, I haven’t left my condo all day…uhh, I never do that.