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That New Jaguar XK!

I just had some hot wings and Diet Coke; it’s just how I get down. Actually, this isn’t super ground breaking news, the concept of this car has been covered quite a bit, but this is the ‘official unveiling’ of the production model. I certainly like this silver rather than that weird-ass blue they kept showing. It’s really a beautiful vehicle. Certainly has some Aston Martin qualities in it…if I’m not mistaken the same designer for the Vanquish had a large role in the design of this new XK, not sure though. Either way, beautiful Jag lines, 300hp, tip-tronic transmission, aluminum frame, etc, etc. None of that really matters when you pull up to valet, you’ll just be ‘that dude’ with the ‘that new Jag.’ That was kind of corny. Still no price yet…I’d have to think it will be under $80k, because why would you have a Jag when you could get that new Aston V8 for a couple stacks more? Cool car, and no, I won’t be buying it…ha.