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That MASH dvd!

Alright, alright…yeah, I almost feel like I shouldn’t post this cause I’ll look all scenster/hipster like ‘omg that fixie video by those mash guys or whatever is sooo gnarly! they wear the coolest skinny jeans…where do you think they get them?!!’ Ha, that was terrible, I’m sorry. But yeah, per a post I made a while ago…riding bikes this past summer pretty much made my year…and this dvd that MASH just released to the hungry public is really brilliant stuff. Reminded me of the first time I watched ‘Public Domain’ or any of the Bones Brigade stuff when I first started skating. That feeling after watching it like…you just HAVE to go ride. They did a great job with production, the shooting was just amazing…scooters and skateboards on those hills? Yikes. San Francisco is certainly a proving grounds for riding a fixed gear…the hills they mash up just blew me away. So yeah, its a great film…support those guys and pick up a copy on their site, listed below. Then right after you hit ‘checkout’ in your web browser - go ride your bike. Warm or cold. ***Speaking of riding, I just rode to the office in this Michigan weather - 39 and raining…cold!