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That A-ron feature in i-D magazine!

Late…as usual. Actually, I’m not late…cause I’m not posting this as news, I’m posting it after actually really reading the article and letting it marinate a bit. Just right off the bat – what a great feature. Not focusing on the streetwear end of things, not focusing on all things LES, no focusing just on products…in fact, they had a good quote in there. Something like, ‘A-ron doesn’t make products with a lifestyle in mind – he lives an amazing lifestyle that occasionally creates products.’ THAT is how this stuff should be looked at. That’s why you can put these brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton in the same sentence and not feel too weird about it. Anyway, the article…seriously good stuff. Really focusing on why A-ron is a conduit (as James Jebbia said in our interview!) in the current-culture, right-now, genre-now of New York. Talks about how he is bringing creative culture together. Talks about the whole hating out-of-towners thing and how he doesn’t at all subscribe to that. How keeping a scene totally lifestyle-agnostic is what will ultimately build great communities. How its not a bad thing to capitalize off your passions and a lifestyle created. Talks a bit about opening a store in Time Square. Just a good read in general. The interview he did with us is still one of my favorites to read…I personally think A-ron is somone to really pay attention to as a cultural figure for our generation…or maybe just our niche, who knows? ***And yeah…I’m not sure exactly whats going on with the aNYthing brand and the whole different blog thing, etc. But this whole ‘New Work’ thing is pretty genius.