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How people program or write code for anything beyond the most basic of HTML is totally beyond me…honestly, I just don’t think like that. So whenever I find things like Textorizer, I’m immediately just thinking “how did they do this?!? How does someone know where to begin creating a simple little application that does something so complex?!” So once I get past being fascinated by that, I try my best to just enjoy toying around with these things. Textorizer basically takes an image that you give it using a URL, words that you type in, and numbers you adjust to recreate that picture using those words based on those settings you chose. Basically it takes your picture and makes it this abstract design made of colored words that reminds me of something Joshua Davis might do if he spent a day with our favorite word artist Thomas Broome. However, it still seems a bit primitive and like there’s room for refining, but I could totally see Photoshop or Illustrator utilizing something like this for a plug-in or filter in the future… I could honestly see this as the basis for entire ad campaigns. As far as I can tell, Textorizer was created by Paul Downey. Cool work Paul…