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Tesla motors and the new WhiteStar!

Seriously…seriously. I mean…seriously. So they sold out of their first 100 $90k+ Tesla Roadsters in 3 weeks – and now they have announced the WhiteStar sports sedan project. A 4-door sports sedan that sits 5 people, will hit for about $44k, will be built right here in America (New Mexico)…and it doesn’t use gas, suckers. I love this company to death. And I honestly think I’ll be buying one of these WhiteStars provided it doesn’t look terrible…even if it looks like my first car, 1976 Ford Maverick, I might still buy it. I mean, how can GM or any of these other monolithic, dinosaur companies even fathom competing? This is iPod vs. Zune here, and we are the generation that will kiss pistons in cars good-bye – after them being the mainstay for a millennium (way to innovate guys!). You can just feel a great company in the making…congrats to them, on so many different levels. They are even doing a Technical Center here in Michigan! I seriously can’t wait to see the first renderings of this car…or to drive one.