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TeenVestor - gettin’ paid!!

I know it’s kind of a corny name, “TeenVestor”...a bit too obvious a play on words…but anyways, this site is for young investors and is really great resource. Not necassarily only for those between the ages of 12 and 18, but for anyone who is on the younger side and is smart or attempting to be smart with their money. I’ve gotten a good amount of info from the site personally, and I’d really recommend it to anyone who might be thinking about buying a house, retiring, getting married, or starting a business at some point in their lives and is just looking to broaden their basic grasp of investments and finances. Breakdowns and thorough definitions of the stock market, money markets, new business ideas/concepts, different types of savings, and more. Parts of the site seem to be a little incomplete but nothing unbearable. Check the “Young Entrepreneurs” section too to read up on some common business mistakes and things like that. Then, check out the sweet picture I used along with this post.