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Tablet Hotels!

‘Unique hotels for global nomads.’ That’s their little catch phrase/tag line thing…but see, I always thought of nomads as like Viking looking wearing all sorts of sewn together hides and all that…not people who would be like ‘…Oh splendid honey, look at this new boutique hotel in the Maldives! Jeeves, warm up the G5, its vaca time!’ That little intro I just typed was too long. Anyway, Tablet Hotels is not a new site, but I have recently started using them as a browsing point for cool interesting hotels in both the cities I like as well as far off destinations. Well laid out site, easy to search, good grading systems, decent write-ups…and a good booking system. I like how they keep the first date-range I selected as my default while I browse around. Good thinking with that. I just like what this site is doing, so check it. THE BRILLIANCE! told you to.