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Sweaty August Ramblings!!

Hi! Before I begin, sorry for the lack of posting from me for the last 10 days or so. I was away on a beautifully relaxing trip with family to Lake Ontario in upstate New York. Nothing like laying by the lake all day, getting tan, eating great food, and, well, doing next to nothing. But back to the grind now. Anyways! I was sitting online last night and realized hey - why haven’t I bought tickets for this Tool tour yet? So I emailed my man Nigel and said ‘Hey - I know you saw Tool not long ago, but Isis is on this tour!’ So long story short, we’re going. Not sure how many people who read our site are into Isis, but to see them in an arena is going to be an experience, to say the least. Easily one of my all-time favorite bands, much respect and congratulations to Isis for landing an opening slot on this tour. If you’re new to them, I’d check out the album ‘Oceanic’ first, then dig deeper into the older stuff from there. Going to be incredible…What else. Have you seen this whole fiasco with making a “viral” video and getting blasted for it all over the web? They got some credit too, but mostly made fun of. I’m not going to write about it all here, so check this link to read about the story. The link I really want to post is this video made in response to it all by Chicago’s own Coudal Partners (what’s up Jim!). Seriously hilarious. Watch this video, check the story. This whole article in Businessweek is getting a bunch of flack. Apparently Kevin Rose of Digg has not really made $60 Million…Check out the whole thing at 37 Signals. There you have it, three posts in one. Have a good/hot/sweaty weekend!