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SVSV, Collection 2!

SVSV is back for round two. I’ve been lucky enough to watch this brand grow from the imagination of David Gensler into a beautifully executed line. The pieces are wild, the look-books are great, especially the one Chuck and Kareem did, and the whole theme of the brand is really quite refreshing. Some might find it over the top…but let’s not forget this is fashion. Anything goes. One of the things that I really like about SVSV is the ‘looming’ feel the brand has. It has this quiet looming feel to it. I can’t say I like all the pieces…but there has never been a collection from any designer where that was the case. I was actually just talking with David like 2-3 days ago about branding and where SVSV is headed…we got into a conversation about heritage and how it is built. This is one area where I really feel SVSV will stand out from the others. Slow, thoughtful growth, and disregard for trends will end up making SVSV an important brand in the future. T-shirts are dope…but for the cool season you need to step your wool game up! Lambs wool, merino, cashmere, vicuna and all that. Catch me in something soft and vicious!