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Surface 2 Air Paris, Apple Pro profile!

Odds are I’m quite late on this. In fact, while I’d heard of Surface 2 Air Paris before - I never really did any research about that until I grabbed a perfectly cut baseball/bomber jacket this past weekend form Hejfina in Chicago (love that shop by the way, love it.) So after 2 seconds of Googling I found that apple had done one of their ‘Pro’ profiles on the company. Whoa. Had no idea they were a seriously multi-disciplinary shop. Design, branding, photography, video direction/creation, proper fashion house, and more. With only a staff of 14. Pretty amazing…just the fashion collection and its wide distribution to shops that matter is impressive - but the fact they do all these other amazing projects is just…amazing. Clients like Justice, Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, Diesel, Sony, etc. They’re one of those shops it seems that just kind of has a bit of ‘magic’ to be able to pull off all those different directions, etc, and be super relevant in each one. Kind of like Coudal Partners. Anyway…I’m a fan of both my new piece of clothing from them as well as their entire company/studio/firm/whatever. And sorry for being late on this…