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Super Soft Sweatshirts!

Nowadays the shift in streetwear has gone from colorways and such to quality and Loopwheeler is by no means late or really even ‘streetwear’. Ever since I found their website a few years ago it hasn’t been updated and is still their main selling point. Nothing too fancy, just the story of how the goods are made since their launch in 1999. I know they are still in business because Wonderwall did their flagship store in Tokyo last year. I really dig the inspiration on the graphics they design. Simple and timeless. Although, what makes them special is what they print on. They follow the tedious process of producing their fabrics to give them that super supple feel. The loopwheeler machines they use rotates only 24 times a minute, knitting the fabric with no tension, letting the relaxed cotton do the work…and here we thought American Apparel was the second coming of t-shirts…