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Stress results and a new question!

So I made a post about stress a week or so ago…I asked what do you do to relieve stress, and the response was crazy and pretty strange too. We got more emails about this than we’d ever gotten about something before. The results included some of the following: skating, drinking beer, sex, thinking about the Staples button that says ‘EASY’, reading our site (nice try), sex, singing Queen’s “Dragon Attack” as a 21 year-old black male, driving, weed, caoco trees and cocoa plants used to increase serotonin levels, pu-erh tea, the gym, sex, ‘thinking about the number one and listening to music and if you get distracted think about the next number and so on until the end of the song’, pop bubble wrap, more weed, thinking about less fortunate people, dotting your “i”‘s with skulls or hearts and thinking about dogs named mookie…and that’s where I’ll stop. So, clearly most of the people who read this site are very weird. And enjoy beer, weed, and sex, and the occassional obvious stress relief method of thinking about the Staples EASY button… ha… but yeah, thanks to everyone who wrote. I don’t know if I have a ‘best’ or ‘favorite’ one that people sent…but how about just a new question. We talk about travel a lot. So, I want to know who thinks they have the craziest travel story. Like for instance, you were on your way to your honeymoon in Haiti when…and so on. Or how when you got off the plane at Newark airport you were mugged by 10 women. Anybody? Email us yours, HELLO@THEBRILLIANCE.COM