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Strangest Lego Creations!!!

Remember when you were a kid and it was a big accomplishment to get past the first 10-15 steps in the directions to build your very own ExTrEmE Lego masterpiece? I remember when I was younger (and as I got older too, I had younger siblings) walking around the house and stepping on a Lego that was inconspicuously hidden on the floor somewhere. And I remember some parents would sort their kids’ Legos out by color too, which was always weird to me…We probably all have some fond memories with Legos…or Build-A-Blocks if you were poor, or Lincoln Logs if you were a budding little backwoods goober…ha…(don’t get me wrong, I had and loved Lincoln Logs…jokes, jokes…) But seriously though - Legos have always been about encouraging creativity and building and unique ideas…but this top 10 list of the strangest Lego creations of all-time takes it to a new level. I mean - come on - a “Lego Difference Engine”?! “One of the most imaginative Lego creations ever. Made by Andy Carroll, this difference engine is able to solve mathematical problems (2nd/3rd-order polynomials) and calculate the answers to 3 or 4 digits.” Could you imagine giving that to a kid on the 4th Christmas of his life or for his 6th birthday or something? ‘Look here little Bobby, this only has 8,000 pieces and requires someone 45+ to create it! Have fun!’ But seriously - how crazy is that?? And this - a Lego air conditioner!? That is probably the funniest one to me… Of course, you can’t go wrong flossin’ around town in your brand new Lego Volvo XC90…do you know how many snap-on-hair-babes you could pick up in that baby?! Anyways, check this list out and take yourself back to yesteryear when you were 9 years old and attempting to build your first Han Solo-Frozen-In-Carbonite-Lego.