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Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka!

I love brands. I mean, whatever, there are plenty of interviews with this guy…but man, I can’t quite get enough. This man defines business. Just so you know, real quick, I don’t use Macs. Doesn’t really work for me. But I did just buy a Nano. Anyway, Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka. I said it. He is one of the worlds most creative hustlers. He has people salivating over an image…over a feeling. And that feeling is for sale at various price points. Just wild. This post wasn’t really intended to state anything new or ground breaking…I just want to give the man the shine he deserves. But who cares about shine when you’re worth $3.3 billion, you move 6 million iPods in 3 months, and have other CEOs ‘catching feelings’ over your product releases…so classic. Did you hear the Motorola CEO say something like ‘screw the iPod Nano!’ Apparently he is mad because his ROKR phone (worst name ever) is super corny and no one is buying it?! I don’t know. Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka…and shout out to the cute girls working at my local Apple Store. Check this interview. ***I mean, how was I supposed to follow-up Chuck’s last post? I wish I was there with you, for real homie.