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From the NYT article:

“It’s hard to overstate the gamble Jobs took when he decided to unveil the iPhone back in January 2007. Not only was he introducing a new kind of phone — something Apple had never made before — he was doing so with a prototype that barely worked.”

Did you read this?! Too good, like, this article is better than the whole JOBS movie - honestly. It’s such a vivid picture of what innovation ACTUALLY looks like..not just the romance of what it looks like once its launched and everyone loves/hates it. The amount of stuff that needed to actually be invented to make just one product is unreal. The multi-touch screen. The software. The physical device/shell. The hardware. Even the concepts of pinch-to-zoom, inertial scrolling, full internal gyroscope, etc. All of it invented for 1 product. When Steve was on stage saying, “this is 5 years beyond anything anyone else is doing”, it wasn’t just shit talking - it was the result of the massive, massive risk they took - and he was 100% correct. You don’t get that far ahead of everyone else in an industry you’ve never participated in without taking insane risk like that. Can you imagine if it had flopped? Where would Apple be? What other companies take risks like that? Which ones are doing that today? I know I make posts about Apple a lot, or used to, but put yourself in that teams shoes the day they launched this thing…my goodness. Reminds me to attempt the possible and never let your imagination be limited by what can be done with today’s technology… A story about risk and return, link below.