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Stephen Wiltshire, unreal!

Absolutely unreal. I recently watched an amazing program on TV with a feature on savants and some of the more exceptional cases of both mental capacity and artistic talent. They featured a certain Stephen Wiltshire from England that absolutely blew me away. His pen drawn illustrations of various cityscapes are really beautiful, they have this incredible organic look to them…not to over-shadow or even belittle his incredible artist ability…what makes Stephen so incredible is his ability to remember any cityscape he has ever seen and reproduce with truly unreal accuracy. It’s almost hard to explain. He is autistic and classified as a savant, but his work is art, and he is truly and artist. You can view his work and purchase originals from his site…but his site is kind of limited, just Google him for more info. Wow. And yo, two art posts in one day by me?! I must be too relaxed.