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Stack them Euros!!

Was I the only one who saw Jay and Pharrell flashing wads of Euros instead of dollars in the Blue Magic video? I almost don’t want to make this post cause I’m really just not that educated on this stuff. Maybe to a degree, but by no means an expert. I guess I just find it interesting and feel like writing about it. That’s why we blog right?? Ha. Anyway…something far from a joking matter: 7 different countries, and not small ones, are considering abandoning the US Dollar and instead converting their holdings to the Euro. They’re feeling the same pain a US traveler feels when going on vacation to Europe…the dollar just doesn’t get you much anymore. And its getting worse. So simply put, to protect their assets, in this case liquid cash, they’ll be buying Euros with their American money to keep things steady…this of course means the demand for the dollar will drop and so will it’s value. Not good…like, at all. ***I can’t seem to find the link, but I also read somewhere that some huge super model (Naomi?) will only except payment in Euros now. Ehhhh.