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St. Barths…ST. BARTHS!!

Wow. Yeah…just wow. Just got back late last night from the second part of my ‘island odyssey’ vacation. The first part was the USVI and BVI…second part was French West Indies. We hit Anguilla for like one day and then spent about 5 days in St. Barths. Man…I haven’t been a ton of places in the world. But I really don’t know if I can imagine anything more amazing than St. Barths. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the whole ‘perfect’ island concept, imagining it exists somewhere, just a perfect tiny spot…but I also love cultural centers, cities, the hustle, the bustle, the markets, nightlife, cafes, etc. That’s where St. Barths snags the Ben’s-Favorite-Place-In-The-World-As-Of-Right-Now award. It has the most a-ma-zing beaches (Rick, you know, ha), its got this fresh thick/warm air, mountains, palm trees, crystal clear waters, craggy cliff like areas that drop right off into the ocean (you can jump off them in some spots), protected bays, etc, etc, etc, etc…all those beautiful island necessities. Man, its nuts. AND…its just an amazing town/city. The main area, Gustavia, is like a 6-7 blocks of Paris plopped right onto a tiny island. Amazing French restaurants, bars, shopping, nightlife, cafes, simple/classic architecture, and tons of culture…you can just feel it in the air. And really, really beautiful French women. Ha, really. So yeah…its actually quite a challenge to sum up the St. Barths portion of my trip with this post, this flickr set or even this video of us taking a puddle-jumper over to St. Maarten to catch out flight…but I tried, ha. It was just such an amazing place…and experiencing New Years Eve there was almost otherworldly, mind-boggling. Yeah…St. Barths is amazing. Yeah. ***Seriously, check the video of us leaving St. Barths on a little puddle-jumper plane…sheesh!