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Sporting events with the bros!

Good times…always. So it was a blow-out last night, Pistons stepped on them – we left in the 4th when there was a 30 point spread, ouch. Anyway, its about a 2 hour drive to the Piston’s Palace from downtown GR, not too bad…if you don’t take the entirely wrong highway like we did on the way there. The funny thing about sporting events is how little of the actual event you watch – you spend most of the time trying to find the spot with the biggest beer for the buck (pink lemonade for Chuck), people watching, messing with your Blackberry/Treo, goofing around with your friends, making fun of people who get too into it, etc…I probably only caught like 20 minutes of the game. I also got schooled on the art of aggressive parking lot driving practices by the infamous Josh of Premier Skateboarding…hilarious. He taught me how to not let a single car merge into line in front of you – he has such a thorough method. Seriously funny, I’m surprised no one ‘road raged’ us. And then you’ve got all the random conversations that happen late at night driving back home – like how we all think pirate/swashbuckling inspired clothing is the next step in this crazy streetwear scene…think lots of horizontal red and white striped tops and teeth-decaying kits. Keeping it real random. All this and more from a Pistons game…ha.