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Spell ‘Radar’ backwards!

Radar Magazine. I like what these guys are doing. They are no Page Six yet…but they are on their way. Few reasons why I posted this. One, I love the branding of both their magazine and their site, the white on red text. Very tabloid, but the whole vibe they have is ‘smart’ and new. Second reason why…I like insisde-scoop type stuff. I read Page Six everyday. Not for ‘juicy bits’ of gossip, more for the insight on the personal dealings of very successful (or supposedly) people. Trust me, it’s very insightful. Just the real estate dealings they talk about are worth a read. Last reason… Radar Online updates all the time! Almost like a blog format. Check their ‘Fresh Intelligence’ as well as their ‘The Wire’ section. I have only checked their magazine a few times but I don’t think they have many issues out as it is. That famous Tom Cruise cover was wild. Get familiar.