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Sony NW-E507…

Anyone who knows me well understands my status as an ‘international hater’… I can find something wrong with anything. Really. But this new Sony NW-E507 thing is pretty impressive. Let me get my negative comments out of the way. Sony, your products are beautiful, I was all over the MiniDisc, but you are way behind on mp3 players. Apple has EVERYONE smashed. Nobody cares about battery life, capacity, etc. They want ‘that square white one’. Either way, this Sony NW-E507 is beautiful. Check the screen! Wow. And you can charge it for 3 mintues and get 3 hours of playback?! With the ability to play for 50 hours straight? Internal FM transmitter too? They are doing their thing. I’ll buy one, whatever. It drops next month. THE BRILLIANCE! likes it.