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Song meanings…?

One of my favorite things when I listen to music is trying to understand what the musician is saying in their words. What are they getting at or what is their point? Sometimes things are written in ways that you really have to pick apart and think about it until the pieces fall together. And sometimes you come to a conclusion but aren’t sure if you’re on target with their message. Thank God for the internet though…ha…This site is a brilliant concept. I’ve been using it for a few years now and felt like I should post something up about it. I’ve been listening to this new David Bazan (formerly of Pedro The Lion) record a lot lately, really loving it…it’s not brand new, came out in June, but I only just got around to getting it a few weeks ago. Anyways - David’s lyrics are constantly throwing me off, inspiring me, confusing me, or making me think more than I anticipate that I’ll have to. On one hand, I can listen to his beautiful rendition of “Be Thou My Vision” and on the other hand, I can listen to and equally appreciate his song “Backwoods Nation” which is a pretty scathing song about the state of America and Americans…“Calling all frat boys to trade in their hazing. Their keggers and cocaine, and casual date raping. For cabinet appointments and rose garden tapings…” Always intense and controversial…anyways - all this to say, it’s really nice to go to a site where a community of people remark and comment on their interpretation of lyrics. My eyes have really been opened in the past with several different songs, getting surprised when I read what it really means compared to what I thought it meant. Anyways, check it out…and check out the Kevin Federline comments…you know it’s going to be good when “opus” and “Kevin Federline” are mentioned in the same sentence…