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Song: India Dub from Chase & Status!! (Fixed!)

(***Updated, again, I’m hearing conflicting reports on the name of this song!) Massive? Thats what they call it right? I really can’t think of any better way to describe this track beside that…massive. It vibrates my brain (ha, image??) Now, quick disclaimer, I might have the name of this song wrong. It’s called ‘Judgement’. I’m really not sure of the name of this track, keep hearing different stuff…anyway. I heard it first off Sinden’s show, which I get via the Mad Decent blog. Check the link below for the actual mp3 from the show…the song I’m referencing is the first track. This is going to be a short post cause…I don’t really have anything else ot say except for check out the track…and more important, hook me up if you have the full version!! I need the 320kbps version…bad. And that’s my post…I’m loving this Dub Step stuff right now.