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So Long Silver!

I think it was around the time when DVD players were just breaking the scene is when all electronics switched over to silver. For a while there everyone had mismatched entertainment systems. So funny. My inspiration for this post comes from my new found desire for rubbery matte black gadgets. Call me weird, but enough of this silver and no more metal. I just switched my Motorola Q over to that rubberized black case and it makes a huge difference in how it looks and feels. Whoever suggested the rubber texture deserve a raise. When Apple released the Black Macbook I almost had a heart attack. You can’t deny its stealth design. And to round out this triplet, this new digi-camera I have my eye on, the Canon Powershot G7. It balances that line between a huge SLR and a trendy myspace camera. Bottom line is you can take a photo and still look like a serious photographer rather than a tourist. What’s even better is having all your gadgets match…call me superficial, and I’d probably agree. Whoops!