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Snacks 2.0!

As your local corner-store-king, snack-sultan, and bodega-baller…I have to keep the whole scene plugged into the latest snacking trends. Think like:, SnackXHype, etc. Ha…this post is spiraling into something really un-funny, super corny. So, back on topic, I’ve got three snacks to highlight. (1) Panda Raspberry Flavored Confections. My goodness…its like the Louis Vuitton of licorice, no joke. (2) Barnacles from Blue Crab Bay Co. Some crazy spicy trail mix thing with peanuts, roasted pasta spirals, pumpkin seeds and a bunch of other hippie stuff. Super good, seriously. (3) Clif Bar’s Banana Nut Bread. Powerbars? Never heard of them. Clif Bars are the only bars that matter. So that’s that…gone are the Sour Skittles, Mambas and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Sancks 2.0, get familiar.