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Slaying and shredding with Guitar Hero!!!

Ok ok, so I’m just now getting on the Guitar Hero (1 & 2) bandwagon. I’m not a big video game person. I’ve just never gotten into them that much, besides brickbreaker on my Blackberry and the occasional Chip’s Challenge or Jezzball break when I used to use a PC… Anyways, my little 11 year old brother got Guitar Hero a few months back and made me feel like an idiot every time I tried to play him. I’d say “Troy, how do you keep up with this stuff?” and he’d say “With pure speed and metal mastery given to me from the lord of darkness.” That’s actually not a true story. But anyways, the first time I played I thought, what a brilliant game…but how is it possible to play some of these songs on hard or expert?! Now I know, because I can shred with the best. That’s actually not true either. But I’m pretty alright at it, and I recently bought a Playstation 2 slim silver pretty much just to have Guitar Hero 1&2. I plan to get a flying V for my 2nd guitar when I melt the faces off my friends who try to beat me. What would be really great is if I could play real guitar. That would be something to post about. But since this game makes it much more possible for someone to play ‘Psychobilly Freakout’ or ‘Institutionalized’ pretty well after a couple weeks of practice, I’ll just stick with the game for now. I started a career and couldn’t think of anything for my band name besides Chuckbutt. This is actually a true story. Anyways, if anyone from Harmonix/Red Octane/Guitar Hero/Playstation/Xbox/Iron Maiden is reading this, please know that you have a huge fan here at The Brilliance and I think you should put a Mastodon song on the next version, possibly ‘Circle Cysquatch’...or go way back and put Snapcase ‘Zombie Prescription’ on there…that would be siiiiiiiiick.