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Man, man, man! So it didn’t actually happen, but the talks did…Rupert Murdoch was in talks last month to buy the famed free internet phone service provider ‘Skype’ for, check this…Three Billion Dollars… Not one billion, not two billion, Three Billion. I almost feel like saying, ‘I told you so’ to people who don’t pay enough attention to all this stuff. These guys are doing it so big. I mean, its got to be bad enough for all the big land-line companies that everyone in my generation just gets a cell phone or Vonage, but now this?! A simple yet frighteningly powerful company like Skype has now stepped across the line of ‘indie brand’ to…well, whatever you call companies valued at $3 billion. So crazy. It’s all about the wifi Skype phones. That’s my Skype phone number, hit me on the low…gea!