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This is a ‘respect where respect is due’ post here. If you read our site even just every-once-in-a-while you know we are not 100% about the sneaker/t-shirt thing. We just don’t really get into all that. But we are about well executed brands, stores, projects, concepts, products…etc. I’m feeling Situationormal’s whole deal. I really enjoy the brands they carry, and really feeling the collaborations that they have dropping soon with Huf, J$, UNDFTD, House 33, SSUR, and Clarendon. The Huf and J$ are nuts. For real, too fresh. They also just announced their little collaboration with the Retail Mafia and Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile…busy these days huh? So yeah…check out Situationormal if you have not yet done this…we’re THE BRILLIANCE…we wouldn’t steer you wrong.