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Selected Selecter Selections!

I love bringing back old stuff I used to listen to. I used to be crazy into the whole 2 Tone label back in the day, like 10 years ago. Wow, makes me feel like I’m getting older. Anyway… The Selecter was one of my all time favorite groups. Yeah it’s that poppy English ska and club-beat stuff from the 80’s to the early 90’s. Sometimes I wish we had a club environment that played music like this…can you imagine? Instead of like that bullshit ‘Jock Jamz’ and techno songs from, no joke, 7 years ago…what if they played something fun like this stuff? Bring da riddim forward, one step forward! Like, no 80’s music nights, just good music nights. There isn’t a real solid point to this post…just to state the fact that I am back listening to The Selecter again, and I missed them. That track ‘Celebrate The Bullet’ is nuts. Oh yeah, when I first bought ‘Selected Selections’ at the old Record Swap around the corner from Off The Alley (!) I bought a used copy and opened it to find it signed by the lead signer…but I think I lost it.