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Secret wall tattoos!!!

This isn’t exactly new…it’s been online now for probably over 2 years or so. Maybe longer, I’m not sure…but I haven’t really seen it posted up in many places, and, like most of the stuff we post here on THE BRILLIANCE, I just think this is really just pretty damn cool. So anyways, there’s my ‘get with the times’ disclaimer…According to Wikipedia, Josh Homme started doing this secret wall tattoo thing a few years ago. Basically taking a mirror or piece of framed art off the wall in a hotel room or hallway, painting or drawing something on the wall itself, and putting the painting/mirror back up…or even doing this on the bottom of furniture. What’s the point? None, really…except it would be fun while you’re traveling to do it yourself or look in your room to see if someone’s done it already. Kind of like the poor-man’s graffiti… Too scared to get out and throw something up on a wall in the street? Go in the hotel room, do it in there, and on top of that, cover it up. Genius…for those of us who are real nancy boys I guess. Ha. Nancy boy. Anyways, there’s a Myspace page for Secret Wall Tattoos, and is linked below.