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I told you it’s all about ‘nerding out’ didn’t I? This was one of those like ‘should I post this?’ First off, I think doing something like this is absolutely brilliant…strictly because its so out-of-the-box in terms of coming up with the idea…like, you have to be pretty damn creative to think this up, then you have to be quite talented to program the application/interface to make it work. So here is the deal, this dude, Sven König, from whatever country in Europe is taking music videos (sound source 1), chopping their sound into tiny segments of stored data then, in real time, playing other music/sounds (sound source 2) that get compared to the stored data…the output is sound source 2 being recreated with sound source 1 data (music/noises)...while showing the tiny video chops associated with the sound source 1 data in real time. Make sense? Watch the video at the link below…much easier to understand. I’m I into the actual music? Nope. But I think this guy is next level. Its 2006 and beyond…Nerd out, be inclusive not exclusive.