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Saab AeroX!

We have all seen concept cars…almost like…who cares, you know? Like, wow, another car that is way over-priced and will never come out. But for whatever reason, I got a different vibe on this one. First of all, I absolutely love the Saab brand. This will be my third post about them…the main one would be the credo for the ‘born from jets’ campaign. So this new Aero X is honestly amazing. It really just exudes the Saab brand at every end. Truly a car that mimics the styling of a jet. Few quick facts…it has a V6 biofuel (I love this!) engine that produces 400bhp, LED head-lamps that suggest the color of ice with day-running LED lights hued in a slight green, wheels that mimic the pattern of a jet-turbine while pulling heat away from the brakes, and then there is the ‘cock-pit’ which is just surreal. Check these pictures or the site below to see it in action. Can you even imagine hopping into this thing?! Too much, but not too much, right? Seriously, the whole design of this Saab is brilliant…such a muscular stance, aggressive lines, the wheels (!), etc…what more can I say…check the pictures. And if anyone who reads this has connections with Saab please get at us, we would love to connect for an interview or something with their design team. I think I really want this car…in white. Thanks to Ryan on the link for this one…